Mark Wüst

Solar Boats Designer

In more than 30 years of career and more than 40 constructions under my belt mainly for the tourism industry (boats between 4 and 80 passengers), I have developed a know-how that profiles me as an expert in construction of solar boats. Innovation and creativity are the key words that shape my work.

As a machine designer, I first imagine boats from through the laws of physics. Then come the thoughts in terms of durability and design, for which I collaborate with passionate experts. The clever mix of my experience and my network creates energy-efficient solar boats adapted to the needs of my clients.

Owning a Mark Wüst solar boat is a guarantee of reliable work, rooted in sustainability. Vibrations, engine noises and CO₂ emissions will be a thing of the past. You will therefore sail every day with the greatest pleasure while protecting the environment and increasing your energy independence.


Electric boat Stenella (=Dolphin) is looking for a new ownership


Tourism boats Monohulls

Ocean Observer SL
Balearic Islands SPAIN

Aquabus 850
12 passengers

Aquabus 1050
24 passengers

Aquabus 1050 taxi
24 passengers

Aquabus 750
10 passengers

Alpha 600
4 passengers

Tourism boats Catamarans

Catamaran C60
at the Swiss National Exhibition (EXPO 02)
four ferries have promoted over a million passengers to the monolith in 186 days.

Catamaran C60
60 passengers

Experimentally catamaran equipped with a fuel cell

Catamaran C60
was built for the National Exhibition 2007 in Zaragoza Spain, can transport 80 passengers.

Solar Sea Cleaner 400


First Atlantic crossing with a solar boat, from Las Palmas to Martinique in 29 days


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Mark Wüst
Rue Jean Lecomte 10
1422 Grandson

Phone : +41 79 448 84 64
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